Thursday, October 30, 2014

Adventures in Polymer Clay 

          I don't know about you guys but I have had some adventures in creating with Polymer Clay. I think my most recent adventure was when I spent about 45 minutes making this wonderful Pumpkin I wrapped the clay over aluminium foil and spent what felt like hours detailing it just right. Well when my pumpkin was ready to bake. I preheat my oven as everyone does... (let me say first that the oven I use for my clay is a convection / microwave( I place my pumpkin in the oven set the timer and wait. Well about a minute into cooking i smell this horrible smell.. I walk in the kitchen and see smoke in my oven... I am thinking WHAT HAPPENED. Well what happened was me. I apparently set the Oven to microwave and not to bake. Needless to say my creation burnt to a crisp and my house was like one big fog.  A good thing to remember always double check the settings of the oven before baking. Also when your tired best to triple check LOL.
       I  think we all have stories that we can tell about when we first started to work with Polymer clay, I know I have a lot. I think back now and laugh but at th time it was so frustrating 

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